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DIY Standing Desk For $50

By on March 4, 2015

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There are many ways to make usable pieces of furniture for your home. One option is to build them by using wood that is cut and assembled by following a set of plans. Another option to build furniture and other accessories is to use existing items. This is a great way to build a custom standing desk to use for working on your computer.

Thrift stores often have items that can be used to create a standing desk. The only thing about building a custom piece is getting the height and the look correct. Many people who like to do DIY projects are likely to use wood that needs to be measured and cut. This means using a saw that is not always found in most homes.

A custom standing desk is something that is easy to make and does not require cutting any wood. Your only concern is attaching the pieces and parts that will be used for this project. You will need to use an assortment of tools including a power drill and perhaps a screwdriver. A saw may also be needed if the height of the desk needs to be trimmed down a few inches.

The best thing about a standing desk for your home is being able to modify the design. This means you can easily make any changes that suit your needs. You may want to add a movable shelf or some other features that may not be found on the existing design for a standing desk.

Safety may also be an issue depending on where the standing desk will be used. You may want to have all the pieces of the unit securely attached to prevent it from coming apart. This is an extra step you are able to do if this is a concern in your home.

The parts list to build a custom standing desk is found on here…

DIY Standing Desk For $50

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