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DIY Sensory Water Table For Kids

By on February 11, 2015

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Many types of activities for kids revolve around play. However, there are many items that will provide both a fun and learning aspect. A water table is one item that may fit this description pretty well. If this is a desirable item for your child, then you can easily make one at home.

The purpose of a sensory water table is to introduce kids to new and interesting textures. This includes sand, mud, and the effects of water on rice and other absorbing materials. You can build a table using a variety of materials that are not hard to obtain.

A sensory water table can be made as a permanent or temporary item for your home. A table will be a great activity out in a garage or outside on a typical summer day. All the materials that are needed for assembling a simple sensory water table can be found at a local home improvement store. You can also search at any hardware store in your area.

The hardest part of making a sensory water table is building the frame. This can easily be made with a selection of PVC pipe that is cut to the proper size. You will need to use a saw or have someone cut the pieces to the size that you need for your table. PVC pipe is a great way to make a temporary table.

You may find the materials for this project are all plastic. The main reason is plastic will hold up much better with water and you can easily reuse the parts for storage or another project. Once you are done making a sensory water table, then the real fun begins.

The instructions to make a sensory water table are found on here…

DIY Sensory Water Table For Kids

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