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DIY Seed Book Gift For Gardeners

By on February 3, 2015

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Growing your own plants, herbs, and flowers at home is hobby and lifestyle for many. If you know someone with a passion for gardening, then they’ll likely appreciate a safe place to store their seeds and packets, and even to keep journaled notes. Using a photo album, you easily can create a seed book gift that will allow friends and family to have one place to reference all the seeds they’re growing during a season. Additionally, the seed book gift is the perfect way to pass on heirloom seeds or to gift new seeds packets to novice gardeners.

The Basics

Anyone can use a basic photo album to organize small packets of seeds. You will need creative ideas if you want to make a personalized seed book gift for a friend or family member. The best way to modify any basic type of photo album is to personalize the outer cover. 

The Process

The use of fabric is the best option to customize an old photo album to make a seed book gift. You may use any type of fabric based on a theme or a design element that is preferred. Fabric options are available at an area fabric store. Attaching pieces of fabric to make a unique seed book gift will be done by using glue. The best glue to use for this is a craft glue or spray adhesive. However, you will need to prepare the fabric before you adhere it to the photo album. Preparing the fabric for your seed book gift includes measuring to calculate the amount necessary. You will need a ruler or tape measure for this task. The next step is to cut your fabric to the correct size with a pair of scissors.

Many people freeze their seeds to keep them from expiring, so choose an album that will fit in a standard freezer.

All the steps to make your own seed book gift can be found on here…

DIY Seed Book Gift For Gardeners

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