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DIY Quilted Sleep Mask

By on February 6, 2015

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Getting a good nights sleep is important and some people have problems getting to sleep if there is any type of light present. An ideal solution is to use something to cover your eyes. The best option to use is a sleep mask. You can easily make a quilted sleep mask at home instead of buying something which can be pricey.

The material that can be used to make a quilted sleeping mask can easily be found in your home if you do not want to spend any money. You have the option to use fabric scraps that are from a blanket or a simple pillow cover. However, you will need a few tools to complete this project.

Cutting the fabric to make a simple quilted sleeping mask will require a pair of scissors. A ruler or tape measure will also be necessary to ensure the size is correct. One important detail is the side facing your eyes needs to be smooth. This means a bed sheet or other smooth fabric will need to be used to make a custom quilted sleeping mask.

Make sure you have all the materials necessary to make a quilted sleeping mask. Measure and then cut the fabric along with the ribbon or elastic string to keep in secured to your head. You may want to have a basic sewing machine to use.

A quick trip to a local fabric store will allow you to research fabrics to make a quilted sleeping mask to use as a gift. The best thing about making your own sleeping mask is coming up with a design that you want to use. You have the option to make a sleeping mask that can be any type of shape. This is a great option for you to use various creative ideas.

Instructions to make your own quilted sleeping mask can be found on here…

DIY Quilted Sleep Mask

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