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DIY Produce Stand

By on March 30, 2015

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Keeping fresh produce in your kitchen to use when preparing a meal can be done in many ways. There is the option to use various bins or any other container. You also can build your own produce stand to have as a storage bin.

A simple produce stand can be made by using scrap wood or from new boards that can be found at any local home improvement store. The project will take a couple of hours to complete when you are using the proper tools. This will include a tape measure, a saw, a power drill, and some screws. Sanding might also be needed before assembling the pieces of your produce stand.

The produce stand you can build will be a series of boxes that will be used for storage. Your boxes will be attached to a frame that will be self-standing. One thing about assembling wood using screws is you need to pre-drill holes so you do not split the material. If you do not want to use screws, then nails may also be used.

Cutting the wood to build your produce stand can be done using a miter saw. If you do not have a miter saw, then a circular saw or a manual saw can be used to cut the wood. Another option is to ask a friend or family member with a suitable saw if they can cut the wood.

The key to a self-standing produce stand is the supports that are attached to the frame. You will cut the supports from the wood you have acquired for this project. This is a great item to have for any fruits and vegetables or even herbs that you harvest from your garden.

Instructions to build your own produce stand are found on here…

DIY Produce Stand

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