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DIY Pet ID Tags

By on December 9, 2014

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Many pets are missing every year because they become lost and lack any kind of identification tags. If your dog or cat gets loose and becomes lost, one of the fastest ways to ensure that pet makes it back home to you is with the information provided on pet ID tags. Without any identification, your best friend and furry companion could end up in a shelter, in another town, or worse.

Additionally, if your pet suffers with a long term illness that requires daily medication, imagine what might happen if he or she got out of your home or fenced yard and went wandering. Although animals have an instinct that can sometimes bring them home, many animals have been domesticated in today’s society, and that instinct has become underdeveloped. Without proper identification, an animal with a treatable illness could die simply because it did not get the appropriate medications in time. If you have a sick pet that receives veterinarian treatment on a regular basis, learn more from your vet about getting an ID tag if your furry friend does not have one.

While there many places available for ordering tags for your pet, making tags can be the best way to get a one of a kind tag that suits yours and your pet’s personality the best. You can use plastic sheets designed for printing that allows you to add any design or information you want on a tag. You also have the option for making any shape you desire for your pet’s tag as well. Think about how you could design and make your pet’s tag before doing so. You may be surprised at how many great ideas you come up with for doing so.

Although there are several identification methods that can aid people in finding the correct owners of lost animals, the methods are not always familiar to the regular person. For example, not everyone has the ability to read microchips or know to look for tattoos that can provide further information. However, most people are familiar with where to find pet IDs and might be more likely to look for them when they are attached to the collar.

Finally, pet owners that live in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters should always make sure their pets have pet ID tags. In the event you animals are lost during a natural disaster, emergency workers (among others) could end up with your pet after you and your family have been evacuated to safety.

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DIY Pet ID Tags

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