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DIY Pepper Spray

By on March 22, 2015

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There are many types of personal protection products that are available to help keep people safe when out in public. Many women who feel threatened need a way to protect themselves from any attacker or anyone who is a threat. Pepper spray is a great option to use as a personal protection item. If you find the price of this product is more than you want to spend, then you can easily make your own as a DIY project.

The reason pepper spray burns is due to the compounds found in regular peppers. This is why the wing sauce used at a lot of restaurants is really hot. You will use pepper for this project that might already be in your kitchen. If you do not have a particular ingredient used to make a homemade pepper spray, you will need to take a trip to your local supermarket.

A bowl and a few basic supplies are all that is necessary to make a homemade pepper spray. One item you may not have is a spray bottle for the final product. A small spray bottle can easily be found online at a site like Amazon if you do not have a suitable bottle available.

Make sure to prepare the mixture for your pepper spray in a ventilated area. You may have watery eyes if you do not have any fresh air available. The time that is needed to make the spray will vary based on your preference and the result that is desired. Expect at least 12 hours to have a suitable product.

You may find another type of hot pepper will work better for a homemade pepper spray. This will be a good reason to test the product to determine if it is effective. 

Instructions to make a homemade pepper spray are found on here…

DIY Pepper Spray

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