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DIY No-Slip Socks

By on February 7, 2015

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Sliding on a smooth surface wearing a pair of socks can be fun. However, young kids who run all over may slip and fall when going from carpeting to tile or wood. The reason is most socks do not have any type of non-slip function. If this is important, then a solution is available. You can easily make no-slip socks in the comfort of your own home.

The reason socks are smooth is so people can get their feet into various types of footwear like fashionable boots or shoes. Socks can be found with non-slip properties, but they may be hard to find or may not in the size that is required. You can easily make your own no-slip socks by using a piece of equipment that is found at any local craft shop.

Buying new socks is not necessary as you can make no-slip socks using any old pair of socks. If this is something you want to do, then make sure the socks you use are not a child’s favorite pair. The socks a child wears might also be a certain type. You need to make sure their no-slip socks are comfortable. The best kind of socks for this project should be somewhat thick.

There are many ways to make a suitable pair of no-slip socks. The method you use often will be based on the time you have available and the difficulty of the project. This is an activity that can easily be done at any time of the day or on the weekend.

You most significant benefit of no-slip socks is not having any child slip and fall. Falling is typical when children are young, but there is no reason to risk injury. If you like craft projects, then this might be a great idea to share with family and friends.

Instructions to make your own no-slip socks can be found on here…

DIY No-Slip-Socks

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