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DIY Morse Code Bracelets

By on February 13, 2015

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There are many ways for people to use jewelry or other method to display a message. Writing may also be added to a shirt which has a special meaning. This is why you may see some people wear something or use an acronym when communicating and posting on social media. However, jewelry can be used to encode an assortment secret messages. One way to do this is to make Morse Code bracelets.

The whole point of Morse Code bracelets is communicating a specific message. This means you might need to research Morse Code to get an idea of how message are portrayed. Most people today may not know too much about Morse Code and means this is a great way to send secret messages to friends and family.

You will need to use the right type of materials to make Morse Code bracelets. Small beads are needed as this is the best way to encode the message for each bracelet. These can easily be found online or at a local craft store. A chart will also be needed to encode all the words for your Morse Code bracelets. If you do not encode the words correctly, then your message may be gibberish.

Making your own Morse Code bracelets is just like making a simple beaded bracelet. The only difference is using the correct color combinations to encode a phrase or message in Morse Code. You can easily add any type of message based on preference or some other criteria.

Morse Code bracelets can be made as inexpensive jewelry or as a gift. This is a great option for friends to share a special message. You can also create various phrases using multiple bracelets. Give your bracelets to friends or family members as a way to show solidarity for a special cause.

Instructions to make your own Morse Code bracelets are on here…

DIY Morse Code Bracelets

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