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DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

By on February 7, 2015

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Making a special gift is something that will require using both creativity and ingenuity. However, there are a few clever ideas that you can use that are simple to do. One idea is mason jar cocktail gifts which will be meant for adults.

The two most important components for mason jar cocktail gifts are mason jars and a liquor. These are things that you can easily find at liquor stores and kitchen supply stores. The items to add to the mason jars will depend on the cocktail that will be made. You will also need to find various mixers necessary for specific mason jar cocktail gifts.

You may want to research simple cocktails to get an idea of the options that are available. Most people may not know the various combinations of cocktails people might like. Another important detail that is necessary is to obtain suitable mixers. This means you might need to go back to the liquor store for specific mixers to use with your mason jar cocktail gifts.

There are many ways to prepare your mason jar cocktail gifts for a special occasion. A good option is to use an assortment of accessories to package all the items. This means using twine and name tags. You can add the name of the recipient on the name tag or write the name of the cocktail that can be made. A straw also can be something extra that you can include with this gift.

People who receive mason jar cocktail gifts have many options. They may use the mason jar to mix the cocktail, drink the bottle of alcohol by itself, or combine it with another drink. However, the fun aspect of this project is providing something that provides all the necessary ingredients.

The steps to package mason jar cocktail gifts can be found on here…

DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

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