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DIY Marquee Letters Kits

By on March 6, 2015

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Lighted letters are a great way to attract attention to a business or any object. These are often seen as signs that are outdoors, but you can also use them indoors as well. A set of standard marquee letters are available in a kit that you can customize for your needs. Another option is to find plastic letters at a thrift store or junk yard to make your own lighted letters.

One thing about lighted letters is determining the size that you’ll need. A kit to design your own marquee letters is one option to get letters that are the same color and size. You are then free to make any changes to suit your needs. This includes changing the color of your marquee letters and the type of bulbs that are used.

If you are not interested in using marquee letters that come in a kit then another option is needed. This is a task you may easily do by using a strand of DIY lights left over from Christmas. If you have some plastic letters, then a few modifications may be needed. You need to determine how to install the bulbs for all the letters. Cutting the letters may be necessary and will require a few basic tools.

The materials you need to customize marquee letters in a kit or modify plastic letters can be found in an assortment of retail stores. You might also need to look in local hobby shops or a local home improvement store in your area. These materials depend on the extent of the work that you want to put into your finished letters.

You have the option of using lights for your marquee letters which are battery operated or ones that require the use of electricity. This depends on the types of lights you need and how they are attached to the letters.

Information about customizing marquee letters in a kit is found on here…

DIY Marquee Letters Kits

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