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How To Make A DIY Lego Table

By on December 10, 2015

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diy lego table

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We love this DIY LEGO table!

Are you looking for ways to upcycle old furniture in your home? A thrift store table or table found at a yard sale will be a perfect item to upcycle into a kid’s table. Depending on the type of table that you have to use, then a DIY LEGO table may be a perfect idea.

The best type of table to use to make this table at home is one that has a spot for a basket. You can also use one that has a drawer if that is all you have. The top will need to be big enough for a LEGO plate to be easily secured. You can cut the top out or use glue to secure the plate.

You also have the option to repaint your DIY LEGO table or add some stain. The color that you choose will need to match with the room where you want to keep the table.

Information about making a DIY table for LEGOs can be found on here…

How To Make A DIY LEGO Table

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