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DIY Leather Key Covers

By on April 1, 2015

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The keys that come with a standard door lock are not much to look at. This includes keys made as a copy for the lock on the door of your home or the trunk of your car. One option is to add a cover to the keys to have something that is unique. You can make your own leather key covers for any keys on your key ring.

You will need to have a few specific tools and the material to complete this project. Leather key covers will be made using a strip of leather that has been oil tanned. However, the thickness of the leather will be an important detail to make leather key covers. The leather should be no more than 2mm thick as this allows you to make key covers that are durable.

Holes need to be punched into the leather by using a leather hole punch. This process will be similar to the way you would punch holes in leather to make a new belt. You first need to cut your leather into individual pieces used to make your leather key covers.

A template will be the best way to ensure the leather is cut to the proper size. If you do not have a simple template for this project, then you need to measure your keys and then transfer the measurements to the leather before it is cut. 

Stitching the leather with nylon thread is needed to secure your leather key covers to your keys. This is a task that will require a leather stitching needle. You can also use polyester thread for this project. The use of strips of leather for the stitching is not recommended as it will not hold up over time.

Instructions to make your own leather key covers are found on here…

DIY Leather Key Covers

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