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DIY Lawn Dominoes

By on February 17, 2015

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Many types of games that are small and portable means pieces can easily be lost. One option is to have a game of dominoes supersized for use indoors or outdoors. This game is typically played on a table or other counter. However, pieces can be supersized to play a game of lawn dominoes. This can easily be done as a craft project during the winter or rainy season to have for a game to play when summer arrives.

The most important thing about making lawn dominoes is the preparation that is needed. You will need to obtain the materials and tools that are needed to complete this project. Wood is the best material that you can use to make the pieces for lawn dominoes. The wood you need can easily be found at a lumber yard or any home improvement store.

You will also need a saw to cut the wood for the pieces for your lawn dominoes. If you do not have the right type of saw, then maybe a neighbor or family member can help. Another detail that you will need to keep in mind is the color for your dominoes. The standard color of classic dominoes is black, but an ideal option is a light blue.

The reason to use a light blue for your lawn dominoes is the pieces will not get too hot. If you paint the pieces black, then they may be too hot to handle on a hot summer day. Another detail about making the pieces that are required is putting the numbers on all the dominoes. This is something that will require a template.

Painting your dominoes can easily be done using a regular paint brush. However, you should paint the pieces on a dry day to ensure the paint dries properly. Once the paint has dried, then you can test out your lawn dominoes and have some fun.

Instructions to make a set of yard dominoes is found on here…

DIY Lawn Dominoes

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