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DIY Lap Desk Tutorial (No Sewing Required)

By on March 21, 2015

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Anyone who uses a laptop knows a cushion or lap desk is necessary as the machine will get hot. If you do not want to spend a lot of money for a basic lap desk, then a few solutions are available. You may want to consider a piece of packing foam or other material that does not transfer heat. However, a better option is to make your own DIY lap desk.

A simple DIY lap desk will be cheaper than anything that is store bought. The reason is the selection at a local retail store or the items found online often have special features. This will include being ergonomic or having a special shape. If you make your own DIY lap desk, then you can use any design you prefer.

Many of the materials that will be needed to make a DIY lap desk can be found at any craft store. Your lap desk will also require fabric. You can use fabric scraps you have at home or look for fabrics at a local fabric store. One thing you will need for this project that is found at a local home improvement store is any type of lap desk that is unfinished.

The size of your DIY lap desk will be based on the size of the unfinished lap desk you find. This is one aspect of this project that may require some thought. The thickness of the lap desk will be based on the type of foam that you want to use. Keep in mind you may need to measure to be sure you have enough fabric.

If you do not want to use a existing item to make a DIY lap desk, then another option is to cut the shape from a scrap of wood or a piece of MDF. This is more work, but may be more fun.

Instructions to make a simple DIY lap desk are found on here…

DIY Lap Desk Tutorial

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