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DIY Industrial Adjustable Height Stool

By on March 4, 2015

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Making your own furniture is a great option if you like to do DIY projects. One idea that you might want to consider is making an adjustable height stool. A stool is a type of seat that could be ideal as an item to use indoors or outdoors. This is not an easy project as there will be a few steps that might be difficult for some people to complete. However, a few modifications can be made to get the same result.

The key to making any adjustable height stool is the materials that are used for the project. You might be surprised to learn you can make a stool using almost any type of wood. However, you need to measure and cut the wood for each piece of this project. This will require a simple tape measure and a saw. If you do not have a suitable saw to cut the pieces for your adjustable height stool, then you may need to borrow one for this project.

One important detail for this project is the movement of the seat. The seat is the section which moves up and down to adjust the height. You may need to use a welder or find another way to secure the parts that are required. The hardware for an adjustable height stool can be found at any home improvement store.

A few tools will also be needed to complete the project. Your adjustable height stool requires the use of a power drill to secure some of the parts and pieces.

The height for your adjustable height stool depends on your needs. You might need to use bigger parts if the seat is wobbly if it is raised more than eight inches. The stool you make can also be stained or have a fresh coat of paint added for a unique look.

Instructions to build your own adjustable height stool are found on here…

DIY Industrial Adjustable Height Stool

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