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DIY Felted Soap Tutorial

By on February 12, 2015

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There are many unique things that you can easily make at home as a craft project. Most do not require you to have any skill or experience. One project that you might choose to do is make felted soap. This soap will be a great option for washing your hands or exfoliating the skin. If you are interested in this as a project to do at home, then a few details will need to be known.

A felted soap is not a difficult or time consuming project. The reason is you do not need to take time to prepare the soap. You can use any soap bars that are purchased from a store. However, making homemade soap may result in a better product. If you need a task to do with young kids who are home from school, then making felted soap is an ideal option.

You can easily find all the materials for this project at any craft store. Another option is to look online to find the materials that are necessary make a felted soap. One thing you may want to consider is using herbal soaps instead of the soaps at most grocery stores. The reason is herbal soaps will be more healthy for your skin.

Make sure to follow all the steps required to make felted soap. You do not want the covering to fall off when using the soap in the shower or when washing your hands. This is a great craft project if you will be making homemade gifts for friends or family members.

Any type of container can be used for your felted soap. The best option is to find a container which offers a unique look or is easy to use for you or anyone else.

Instructions to make your own felted soap are found on here…

DIY Felted Soap Tutorial

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