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DIY Diffuser Bracelet

By on March 2, 2015

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Jewelry that people often wear as a fashion accessory or to make a statement can also be used for many other purposes. You may be surprised to know certain fragrances and aromas are beneficial and will be stimulating to the brain. If you enjoy various fragrances, then a diffuser bracelet is a great option – just like a DIY Aromatherapy Necklace – if you want to have a simple piece of jewelry.

Many stores will often use fragrances to stimulate people to make a purchase. However, the fragrances in most stores are artificial and contain various types of chemicals. A basic diffuser bracelet uses essential oils that provide the fragrance wherever you happen to be. This is something you can make at home if you get all the materials that are necessary to make a diffuser bracelet.

The materials you will need for this project can be found at most craft stores. You may also find all the materials by looking online. A diffuser bracelet is made in a similar way to beaded bracelets. However, these beads will be made by hand.

You can easily modify the style of a diffuser bracelet to meet your needs. The options to add to a bracelet will depend on your preferences and a result that is desired. Another aspect you may want to consider is a variety of essential oils you want for your bracelet.

The essential oils to use for your diffuser bracelet can be found at most health stores. You can also find a good selection of essential oils online. Research the benefits of various essential oils to determine the type of fragrance you want to use with your bracelet. The best thing about this type of bracelet is being able to create a unique aroma. 

Instructions to make your own diffuser bracelet are found on here…

DIY Diffuser Bracelet

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