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DIY Designer Switch Plates (Free Printable)

By on March 29, 2015

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Many common elements that are found in a typical home can be customized to match the design of any room. This includes the switch plates for light switches. The basic style that is used in most homes will typically be a plain white or a tan color. If you want to update the look of any plates in your home, then there are many craft ideas you can consider.

Customizing switch plates can be done by using a few simple craft supplies. Craft paper will be crucial as this will be the base for the look you want to achieve. If you do not have craft paper to use, then you will need to look at options that are available at most craft stores. You may also want to obtain a basic supply of switch plates to use for this project that include various types.

Any home improvement store will have switch plates you can purchase. The color of these items will not really matter as you will be covering them with craft paper. All you need to do is to determine the proper size of the items you want to use in your home.

Customizing switch plates is a great idea if you want to provide a homemade gift for any friend or a family member. All you need to do is determine the look you want to have for all your switch covers. You can also print your own images to use for this project.

Instructions plus a free printable to get you started with this project is found on here…

DIY Designer Switch Plates

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