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DIY Concrete Planters

By on April 5, 2015

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The most common type of planter that is used for plants at a residential home is made of clay or is a plastic container. However, these are susceptible to becoming damaged. One option is to make your own concrete planters at home. This is a great way to have a custom item that can be used in a garden or any other area around your home.

All the materials needed to make concrete planters can be found at any home improvement store that is in your area. You can use an existing cabinet box or make a simple form from scrap wood. The only thing that you need to do is determine the size for the concrete planters. 

Rigid foam is used to create the edges of your concrete planters. The foam needs to be measured to the right size before being cut and placed inside the form. You will also need to glue all the pieces before the concrete can be poured. The concrete to use for this project can be found in a powder that will need to be mixed with water.

The design of your concrete planters can include casters to allow it to move. If the planters do not need to be moved, then the addition of casters will not be necessary. However, the planters might be too heavy to easily move without help. This depends on where it will be placed.

You also have the option to change the design of your concrete planters. This is the benefit of projects that is DIY and uses basic materials. One important thing about making things from concrete is needing to wait for it to fully cure. This may take a couple of days or up to a week.

Instructions to make your own concrete planters are found on here…

DIY Concrete Planters

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