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DIY Cedar Bottle Opener

By on February 16, 2015

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Homeowners who have a deck or a patio may use it for a party or family get together. One drink that is common at most parties or a get together is beer. Getting a keg may be out of the question and cans are not always the best option. Many people may prefer cans and will mean a bottle opener might be required to open certain types of bottles. A great idea is to make an outdoor opener for your bottles.

A bottle opener can easily be mounted on the wall of your house or to the side or railing of a deck. The best type of material to use for this project is wood. You can build an outdoor bottle opener using the slats of an old fence or any reclaimed wood.

One important detail for an outdoor bottle opener is the bin for the bottle caps. This is made by making a box that is attached to the frame. There are a few ways to do this. You may find wood glue will result in the best result, but nails or screws will also be beneficial. The wood and nails for this project will be easy to find at any home improvement store.

A saw will also be needed to cut the wood for the frame of your bottle opener. If you do not have any saws handy, then see if a friend is able to help with this step. The size of your opener will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the type of wood that is available and the size of the bin that is needed for the bottle caps.

You can make an outdoor bottle opener as a gift or to have for your own use. This is something to use as a Father’s Day gift (hint, hint).

Instructions to make an outdoor bottle opener are found on here…

DIY Cedar Bottle Opener

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