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DIY Beard Balm Recipe

By on February 20, 2015

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Men who have beards may find their hair is coarse and not very soft. One option to use as a way to treat facial hair is a special conditioner. However, conditioners made for facial hair will include a variety of chemicals that absorb into the skin. If this is not preferable, then choose a DIY beard balm.

A DIY beard balm is not the same as a lotion. The product you make is semi-hard and requires using a small amount to blend into a beard. You will find this product is a great way to help treat your skin and facial hair that may be shaved each day. The reason this product is so beneficial is the addition of some essential oils.

Essential oils that are used to make a DIY beard balm can be easily be found online. You can also look at any local health store that offers herbal products. The other ingredients that are necessary to make your own DIY beard balm also can be found at a local health store.

Heat is needed to combine all the ingredients to make a DIY beard balm at home. You will need to use a saucepan on your stove when you are ready to start this project. A container will be needed to store your beard balm once it is complete. A glass jar or a lip balm jar is a great option. 

You can make a DIY beard balm to use at home or to have when traveling. Another option is to make up a batch or two that can be used as a gift for a special occasion. This is something you can easily finish in less than an hour depending on how much you want to make.

Instructions to make a DIY beard balm are found on here…

DIY Beard Balm Recipe

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