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DIY A-Frame Pup Tent

By on October 29, 2014

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Pup tents are often an integral part of childhood! Moving furniture around until you can create a fort and then cover it with a sheet for “safety” is one of the most memorable parts of “camping.” With this detailed tutorial, you will be able to capture the feeling of camping in a homemade pup tent while continuing the adventure in the living room! Using wood and sheets, you can create a DIY A-frame pup tent (or many of them) that will collapse for easier storage and even easier unfolding so that the fun can continue!

Creating a tent for kids is a wonderful way to allow them to express their imagination and creativity in the safety of the living room or another part of the house. An outstanding gift for kids of all ages!

Discover the detailed photographic tutorial and clear instructions at here…

DIY A-Frame Pup Tents

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