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Crickets And Fireflies Natural Perfume Recipe

By on February 4, 2015

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A perfume is a great idea to give as a gift for any occasion. You may have a special someone or family member who enjoys a particular scent. Many perfumes found on store shelves often contain a variety of chemicals. The best option to avoid the chemicals is to make a natural perfume at home. This is good idea for many reasons.

Skin Sensitivity

There are not many organic perfumes that smell just like a favorite fragrance available found at retail stores. This means you may want to make your own natural perfume which includes a variety of essential oils to produce the fragrance that is desired.


People who start to sneeze around people who are wearing perfume might be allergic to the ingredients used in the formula. You may also discover that your favorite fragrance causes you to sneeze. A natural perfume made from essential oils is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Synthetic Ingredients

The use of synthetic ingredients in commercial perfume brands can cause lung irritation, nausea, and is the reason for most migraines. A natural perfume does not contain any chemicals that can lead to an issue that could potentially cause a health problem.

Combining Fragrances

Combining two brands of a regular perfume might create an unpleasant smell. The essential oils which are used to create a natural perfume can easily be layered or combined to create a unique scent. You also may find that your skin will benefit in many ways when you stop using conventional perfumes.

The Process

The perfume that you can make at home needs to be properly packaged. A glass bottle with a lid will offer great way to keep your perfume stored until it needs to be used.

A simple recipe for a delightful natural perfume can be found on here…

Crickets And Fireflies Natural Perfume Recipe

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