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Changeable Magnetic Marble Run

By on February 16, 2015

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Young kids have many options today to keep busy when at home. However, many may simply play on an iPad or watch programs on TV. Playing outside is an option, but the cold or rain often means kids need to stay inside. One activity that can be fun is to play a game with marbles. This means you have a variety of options, such as a magnetic marble run.

A marble run is essentially a series of chutes and ramps that a marble will run down. Gravity is used to generate the movement of the marble. If you are familiar with the different games that contestants can play on TV game shows, then a simple magnetic marble run is similar. The best thing about this type of game is the adjustments that can be made.

The use of magnets is important when building a magnetic marble run. A marble run can be made from any type of material that can have a small magnet attached. The magnets and other parts needed for the magnetic marble run you can build are found at a local home improvement store.

You have the option to use various parts to make a custom magnetic marble run. This will include PVC pipe, rubber tubing, and other components that are essentially plumbing parts. Glue is used to attach all the magnets to the pieces that will be used for the marble run.

Many other types of materials can be used to create the parts for a magnetic marble run. Pieces you are able to make depend on the materials that are available. You can use a paper towel or toilet paper roll if you want to make a covered tunnel. Pieces of wood can also be used to make various obstacles and other items when assembling a marble run.

Instructions to make a magnetic marble run are found on here…

Changeable Magnetic Marble Run

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