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Canvas Photo Print DIY Tutorial

By on November 20, 2014

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If you are looking for a great DIY option to make a homemade canvas photo print, we found a helpful tutorial that walks you through how to do this for less than$10. Photo canvas prints make wonderful gifts for almost every occasion, and their personal touch often is well received.

Many people adore the appeal of family and friend photo prints on canvases because it provides personalized decoration and memorabilia to any home. The crazy thing about canvas photo prints is that they are actually fairly easy to make and can be completed within 15 minutes or less. Moreover, it costs a heck of a lot less to DIY a canvas photo print than than to hire a professional, and the end result will look will be just as appealing and stylish as the professional ones.

This particular do-it-yourself canvas photo print project is shared by Wellness Mama. She was inspired to create her own while participating in a crafty Mod Podge project with her kids. After trying out a few experiments, she perfected her own method. What’s great about Wellness Mama’s tutorial is that she provides you with a list of all of the necessary materials you’ll need, plus a step-by-step guide that simply presents all instructions needed for a difficulty-free project. She even explains how to create a black-rimmed border for additional design and style.

Creating your own DIY canvas photo print definitely will save you money. For just under $8 you can create your very own 11×17 canvas photo print, which is a huge price difference as compared to typical store bought canvas photo prints sized 11×14, which typically run around $30 or more.

Above and beyond saving time and money, this project is an excellent way to spend quality time with your kids, as most of them will enjoy the fun involved with the craft project, especially when using the glue.

To get started making your own canvas photo print or prints follow the instructions from here…

Canvas Photo Print DIY Tutorial

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