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Want to be featured on our site? DIY Gift World is a provider of content on the topics of homemade gift ideas. We are always looking for great new articles to feature. If you think you have something that our readers will love, then go ahead and submit your article to us by email. Feel free to submit as many articles as you like.

Website Stats

2015 Monthly Update: January 11 – February 12:

– 446,000+ visitors (monthly)
– 590,000+ page views (monthly)
– 96% of visitors from the United States

Social Media Followers

Facebook Fans: 22,000+
Pinterest Followers: 6,100+
Twitter: 850+

Requirements To Be Featured

Submit an article to be featured on our site by sending us an email at diygiftworld @ with the following required information:

– Your first and last name
– Your email address
– The link to your website
– Links to samples of your previously posted articles
– The full and complete article you would like us to review to be published on
– The original image(s) that support and showcase your article to be featured
– A statement from you granting us full permission to use and publish your article and all images on our site and social media channels
– A statement from you guaranteeing that your article is of original content, owned by you, and is not published on any other site
– A statement from you guaranteeing that you personally own all submitted images

Article and Image Requirements 

Articles must be professionally written, be a minimum of 1000 words, reflect a specific keyword density, contain only original content, and may not be published on any other website.

Images must be those you personally take and own (never stock images or those copied from other people). They must be of high-quality and a minimum of 1000 pixels by 700 pixels. One image is required per article, yet multiple images are highly recommended.

We only review and consider submissions that meet all the requirements listed above. We work directly with writers, not agencies.

If your article is approved, then we will contact you to work out any details prior to site publication. Once finalized with you, we will publish and promote your article and share it and its images across our social media channels.

Guest Writing Partnership

Would you like to have your content featured and promoted by on a regular basis?

We are open to guest writer partnerships, and we give consideration to partnerships only after a featured article has been approved.

We are looking for guest writers who are interested in publishing on weekly basis for an extended period of time. A minimum of three months is required. This means you will provide a minimum of twelve articles, all of which must meet the requirements to be featured. 

We reserve the right to review and approve all articles and their content and images prior to publication and promotion.

Stay In Touch

We like stay in touch with those whose articles we feature and frequently follow their website feeds to stay current. Also, we often follow back on social media channels.

So connect with us on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and our newsletter to stay current with us too.

We look forward to working with you!

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