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Bay Rum Homemade Aftershave

By on January 20, 2015

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Gift shopping for the men in your life can be especially difficult. When gift-giving time comes around, it’s hard to avoid going for the familiar standbys—ties and shirts—but anyone would get tired of receiving the same gifts over and over. You may have tracked down some other great gifts in the past (maybe he has all of the latest exercise equipment, sports gear, high-tech geek items, clothing, etc.), but what can you do this time?

How about homemade aftershave? Everybody likes getting a homemade gift, and men are no different. They love the fact that you took the time to make something for them. Add to that a yummy aroma and he’s sure to splash some homemade aftershave on and be eternally grateful.

So, what is well known male scent that’s has been a favorite with men and the women they love? It’s Bay Rum, of course. Bay rum offers a nice clean smell with woodsy overtones, and citrus and spicy notes. It’s a smell that is never outdated and is perfect for homemade aftershave.

The Bay Rum legend started back in the 16th century when bay leaves from the West Indies were first debuted to the world. The legend says that sailors rubbed them all over themselves, to cut down on the smell after being on long voyages. They later figured out that a bay-leaf-infused rum would be a much easier way to splash a liquid over themselves and obtain the same effect. Thus, an early homemade aftershave was born. The addition of spices, citrus peels, as well as some other ingredients came later to enhance the fragrance.

The homemade aftershave recipe that we found online includes ingredients like cinnamon sticks and black peppercorns. Plus, many of the other homemade aftershave-making ingredients will be easy to find in your kitchen or pantry (including vanilla extract, pumpkin pie spices, and witch hazel).

To discover how to make your own batch of Bay Rum homemade aftershave, visit here…

Bay Rum Homemade Aftershave

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