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Want to advertise with us? Check out diygiftworld’s stats:

Website Stats

2015 Monthly Update: January 11 – February 12:

– 446,000+ visitors (monthly)
– 590,000+ page views (monthly)
– 96% of visitors from the United States

Social Media Followers

Facebook Fans: 22,000+
Pinterest Followers: 6,100+
Twitter: 850+

DIY Gift World welcomes advertisers with relevant material for our viewers. This means the product or service you submit for advertisement must be relevant to DIY projects and gift making.

Currently at this time, however, we are fully booked.

If you are an individual or agency, please contact us at diygiftworld @ with your advertising inquiry, and we will add you to our waiting list. We will notify you when there will be an advertising position opening on our site.

Make sure to include in your email the following required information:

– Your first and last name
– Company name (as applicable)
– Your email address and contact info
– The product you wish to advertise
– A link to the product you wish to advertise with us
– The ad size(s) and site/page placement(s) for your ads

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