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6 Flavored Salt Recipes

By on January 22, 2015

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The addition of flavored salts to food is a great way to transform a boring dish to something which will taste spectacular. Various flavors can easily be made at home that will kick any bland meal up a notch. You have an assortment of flavored salt recipes available depending on preference.

Flavored salt recipes include chili lime, porcini, bacon, vanilla, sriracha, and rosemary & lavender. Which one of the flavored salt recipes that you choose may need to be based on the food being prepared. One aspect to keep in mind is that these are finishing salts. This means that the salt is added once the food or meal is served. However, finely ground salt can be used in various recipes.

You can use any of the flavored salt recipes to create a unique gift. All you need is the proper container for your prepared salt. Salt can be kept in any container and wrapped as an edible gift. If a basic box is insufficient for this purpose, then a tin or glass jar may be a better option.

The spices you add is just one of the variables – salts also come in many types that can be used in any flavored salt recipes. This includes a fine salt and any coarse salt that is available. If you want to add a dramatic effect to any prepared meal, then a variety of flavored salt recipes with coarse salt is a great option.

The basic method required for any flavored salt recipes is to mix ingredients in a regular bowl. Once the ingredients have been thoroughly blended, then the next step is packaging. If you plan to use your salt as a gift, then add some unique personalized aspects. You can also make any flavored salt to have for use at holidays or other special occasions.

Discover how to make these 6 flavored salt recipes from here…

6 Flavored Salt Recipes

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