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50+ Hour Survival Candles

By on February 28, 2015

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Every home should have an emergency kit available for unexpected situations. This includes items like a flashlight and first aid materials. However, there are times when the power goes out and the inside of a home or apartment will be pitch black. One way for you to be prepared for this situation is to make your own survival candles.

You do not need to use survival candles strictly for an emergency. These candles are a great option that allows you to save money on the cost of store bought candles. If you do the math, then the cost for any store bought set of candles is likely to be more than the materials to make survival candles at home.

The tools and materials needed for this project are found in various places. You can search local retail stores to find the items that are needed. One important item that is needed for this project is containers for your survival candles. The best option is to use simple canning jars. These are made of glass and will have a unique look when finished.

Making survival candles is a DIY project that requires heat. The reason is the material for your candles is a wax that will need to be melted. A couple of pots need to be used with your stove. This will give provide a good opportunity to make a set of candles for your own use or to have as a gift. The candles are already in a jar for easy transport.

The survival candles that you make can easily be kept on a shelf when not being used. You will have many options to consider based on the amount of candles you want to make. This will be a great way to have an item for safety that can be made at home.

Instructions to make your own survival candles are found on here…

50+ Hour Survival Candles

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