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30 Minute Baby Bib With Velcro Tabs

By on April 29, 2015

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Finding a gift for a baby shower can often be difficult when there is short notice. If you have no time to shop for a gift, then a homemade solution will be the best option. One idea is to make a baby bib from a pieces of scrap fabric you may have around the house. All you need is a few simple supplies to complete this really cute project.

A pattern needs to be used to cut the fabric into the shape of your baby bib. You will also need to have a front and back section for each bib you want to make. A sewing machine will need to be used to secure the pieces together.

Securing the baby bib to a toddler requires the use of hook and loop. You will need to sew a piece onto the ends of the bib that fits around a child’s neck. The pieces of hook and loop can be easily glued or sewn.

Instructions to make a set of homemade baby bibs are found on here…

30 Minute Baby Bibs With Velcro Tabs

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