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25 DIY Ornaments For Christmas

By on November 18, 2015

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Decorating the home for Christmas includes adding ornaments to a Christmas tree. There are a variety of DIY ornaments for Christmas that you can make at home as a fun craft project. In addition to decorating the tree, DIY ornaments also make for festive ways to add a personal touch to wrapped packages.

1. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments


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A few bottle caps from your favorite beverage are all you need.

2. CD Ornament


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Any scratched CD can be used to make a homemade ornament.

3. Light Bulb Penguin Ornament


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Do not throw away blown bulbs as they are perfect for making ornaments.

4. DIY Button Ornament


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A few old buttons can be used to make a custom ornament.

5. DIY Puzzle Rudolph


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A simple ornament can be made to look like Rudolph using a few puzzle pieces.

6. Clothespin Snowflake


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Clothespins are inexpensive and can be used to make an ornament like a snowflake.

7. Glitter Twine Ornament


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A little twine can be used to make a really unique ornament.

8. Mini Mittens


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A pair of mini mittens are easy to make as a custom ornament.

9. Vintage Paper Ornaments


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Old pieces of newspaper can be used to make a custom ornament.

10. Toilet Roll Reindeer


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Reindeer ornaments are not hard to make if you have any toilet paper rolls.

11. Wine Cork Ornaments


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Old corks from wine bottles can be used to make a homemade Christmas ornament.

12. Tea Cup Ornament


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A tiny teacup can be used to make a fun bell ornament for a Christmas tree.

13. Lego Ornament


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A few LEGO pieces can be used to make a custom ornament for a gift.

14. Glittery Pine Cones


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Pine cones in your yard are easy to customize as a Christmas ornament.

15. Bell Jar Ornaments


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All you need is a few plastic wine glasses.

16. Cinnamon Bundles


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Bundles of cinnamon sticks are perfect to use to make an ornament.

17. Cupcake Ornaments


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This item is meant to be viewed and not eaten.

18. Pom Pom Yarn Ornaments


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Yarn is fun to use to make a homemade ornament.

19. Salt Dough Ornaments


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Salt dough is a perfect material to use to make a homemade Christmas ornament.

20. Thread Spool Ornament


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Old thread spools are perfect to use to make a homemade ornament for a Christmas tree.

21. Wooden Disc Ornaments


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Wooden disks are easy to etch and customize to make a unique ornament.

22. Santa Belly Ornament


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These ornaments look just like the belly of Santa.

23. Yarn Wreath Ornament


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Yarn that you find at a thrift st ore dcna be used to make wreath ornament.

24. Paper Tree Ornament


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Paper from a book or the local paper can be used to make a homemade ornament.

25. Felt Snowman Ornament


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A few pieces of felt are all you need to make a felt snowman.

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