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24 Handmade Christmas Gifts for Under $5

By on November 15, 2015

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The cost of Christmas gifts today is not cheap depending on what you need. A great way to save money is to make your own handmade Christmas gifts for under $5.

1. Coat Hanger Jewelry Organizer


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Organizing jewelry is super easy with an organizer you can hang in a closet.

2. Terrarium Kit


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A terrarium is a fun gift that is not hard to make at home.

3. Photo Frame Jewelry Storage


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A box is not the only way to keep jewelry that you wear everyday.

4. DIY Tablet Holder


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A trip to the thrift store can provide you items to use to make a custom tablet holder.

5. Snow Globe Necklace


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Pendant charms are super easy to make and are a perfect gift for Christmas.

6. Leaf Clay Necklace


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Clay is a great material to use to make all types of custom jewelry.

7. DIY Food Labels


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Labeling food to store in the kitchen is easy to do with custom food labels.

8. Custom DIY Mug


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A sharpie is the only tool you really need to customize a beverage mug.

9. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers


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A soap dispenser is a great gift that you can make from an old mason jar.

10. DIY Photo Clipboard


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This is a custom clipboard that is a great alternative to a regular frame.

11. Recipe Ring


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This is a great way to keep all sorts of recipes handy

12. Tile Coasters


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Floor tiles can easily be customized to make a fun coaster.

13. Oven Mittens


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Oven mittens are a must for anyone who likes to bake in the kitchen.

14. Bow Belt


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Scrap fabric is all you need to make a custom bow belt for a gift.

15. Wood Caddy With Rope Handles


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A custom wood caddy can be used in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

16. Etched Hot Cocoa Jar


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Any glass jar can be etched to use for storing homemade hot cocoa mix.

17. DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp


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A custom oil lamp is not difficult to make if you have a mason jar handy.

18. Photo Puzzle Block


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Wood blocks are fun to stack when they make a picture.

19. Screen Printed Apron


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Screen printing is not hard to do and is not limited to t-shirts.

20. DIY Chalkboard Mug


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A little paint and creativity is all you need to make a custom chalkboard mug.

21. DIY Teacup Candles


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Custom candles make a great gift and come in many different forms like teacups.

22. Plastic Toy Planter


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Plastic toys that are broken or found at a thrift store can easily be repurposed into items like planters.

23. Mason Jar Snow Globes


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These are really easy to make if you have a few spare mason jars.

24. Picture Frame Pin Cushion


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A small picture frame with a magnet is a perfect item to use to make a custom pin cushion.

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