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24 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Under $2

By on November 16, 2015

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Making your own Christmas gifts is a great way to save money. One way to do this is to research DIY Christmas gift ideas for under $2 that are really easy to make at home and will be treasured by friends and family.

1. Modge Podged Notebooks


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This is a great way to make a custom notebook for a gift.

2. DIY Burlap Ribbon


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Make your own ribbon to use when wrapping all of your homemade gifts.

3. Button Bookmarks


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This is a fun way to make a gift that is really unique.

4. No Sew Fabric Key Fob


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A fabric key fob is a super simple project you can do at home.

5. No Sew Car Litter Bag


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A custom bag to use when traveling is a great idea for a gift.

6. Mason Jar Pin Cushion


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Any old mason jar can be used to make a simple pin cushion.

7. DIY Bracelets


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Homemade bracelets are easy to make and customize.

8. Tin Can Lanterns


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This is a great way to use tin cans as a decorative item.

9. DIY Hotpads


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Hotpads are essential when cooking food in the kitchen.

10. Tile Coasters


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Coasters made of tiles are easy to make and customize for Christmas.

11. Homemade Tote Bag


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Tote bags are a great item to have for odds and ends or when traveling.

12. Custom Luggage Tags


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Anyone who travels may really like to have their own luggage tags.

13. DIY Jewelry Dish


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A jewelry dish is a great item for earrings and bracelets.

14. Glitter Storage Boxes


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Custom storage boxes are easy to make when you need a fun Christmas gift.

15. Cast Iron Handle Pot Holder


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Pots used on the stove should have their own custom pot holders.

16. Kitchen Chalkboard Clipboard


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This is a great way to display any type of message in the kitchen.

17. DIY Handwarmers


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Keeping warm in the cold is not a problem with a custom hand warmer.

18. Homemade Air Freshener


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Making a homemade sir freshener is simple and can save a lot of money.

19. DIY Chevron Coasters


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Chevron coasters are easy to make at home for a Christmas gift.

20. Spray Painted Vases


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This is a great way to decorate any boring looking vase.

21. Mason Jar Vases


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A mason jar is a item that is perfect to use as a custom vase.

22. DIY Oversized Cocktail Ring


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Cocktail rings are perfect to have as a wardrobe accessory.

23. Personalized Coasters


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Coasters are a simple item to customize and use when a gift is needed.

24. Baker’s Twine


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Making your own twine is a great alternative to using store bought ribbon for a gift.

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