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21 Fun Christmas Treats and Gifts That Are Handmade

By on November 13, 2015

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Making your own gifts and treats for Christmas will be a great alternative to buying anything at the store. You have many options to consider for Christmas treats and gifts that are handmade.

1. DIY Printable Gift Tag


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Homemade gifts require a gift tag you can print at home.

2. Colored Salt Ornaments


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This is a fun way to use the salt in your kitchen.

3. DIY Earring Organizer


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A homemade earring organizer is a great way to show off a collection.

4. Painted Cork Coasters


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Cork coasters are perfect to have when drinking a cold beverage.

5. Crochet Cup Holder


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A homemade cup holder is perfect when making hot coffee.

6. Reindeer Doughnut Pops


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Decorating doughnut holes is a great way to have fun with food.

7. DIY Cookie Decorating Kit


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Decorating cookies is a snap when a homemade kit is available.

8. Raspberry Shortbread Cookies


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Homemade shortbread cookies are easy to make and really tasty.

9. Hot Chocolate Cupcakes


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This is a fun way to decorate cupcakes for a party.

10. Peppermint Sandwich Cookies


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Cookie sandwiches can be made with many flavors like peppermint.

11. Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes


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A custom snowman made from a marshmallow is a perfect for winter.

12. Elf Name Apron for Kids


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Give young kids their own apron with a personalized elf name.

13. Cookie Dough Tins


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This is a great way to package premade cookie dough balls to have for a gift.

14. Homemade Gum Drops


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These gum drops are just as tasty as anything bought at the store.

15. Santa Sack Gift Card Holders


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Gift cards are a great item for a gift and can be packaged in their own card holder.

16. DIY Serving Tray


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A custom serving tray is perfect for beverages or an appetizer.

17. Scrapbook Frame


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This is a great way to display a scrapbook for all to see.

18. Spoon Hook Rack


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Old spoons and some pallet wood are all you need for this DIY project.

19. DIY Kitchen Chalkboard


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Let everyone know when food is ready by using a custom chalkboard.

20. Santa Cookie Jar


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A custom cookie jar is a great gift that is perfect when making homemade cookies.

21. Candy Cane Blossoms


Candy canes come in many varieties that you can make to eat or have for a gift.

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