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21 DIY Stocking Stuffers For Kids

By on November 22, 2015

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Making your own stocking stuffers is a great way to save money by using things you have around the home. If you already do a lot of crafting at home, then making DIY stocking stuffers for kids is really easy. You will see that there are a lot of items that can be made with all sorts of fun crafting materials.

1.Dino Magnets


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Dollar store animals can be used for this project.

2. Sock Donuts


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Scrap fabric can be used to make these non-edible donuts.

3. Paper Doll


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Scrap felt is perfect to use to make these dolls.

4. Magnetic Fishing Game


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Metal tins are the best choice for a tackle box container.

5. Penny Necklace


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Shiny pennies or even old pennies can be used to make a this DIY stocking stuffer necklace.

6. Cloth Superhero Dolls


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Scrap cloth around the home can be reused to make a set of superhero dolls.

7. DIY Doll Diapers


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Scrap cloth can also be used to make fake diapers for kids dolls.

8. Felt Owl Pouch


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Making an owl pouch is a great stocking stuffer idea as a fun felt crafting project.

9. LEGO Necklace


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LEGO figures that have no home can be reused to make a DIY necklace.

10. DIY Lacing Tags


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Various types of printable cards are available for this project.

11. Key Chain Animals


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Keychains are easy to make with tiny toy animals.

12. Car Carrier for Kids


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Making a car carrier is another way to reuse scrap fabric.

13. DIY Coin Holder


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A coin holder can be made using one or more pieces of scrap fabric.

14. Christmas Play Dough


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Homemade play dough is a great way to keep children away from synthetic chemicals.

15. Superhero Peg People


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Wood pegs are easy to find and decorate to make various superheros.

16. Little Pigs Finger Puppets


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Scrap felt from a precious project can be used to make DIY finger puppets.

17. Molded Crayons


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Used Crayons can easily be formed into fun and unique shapes.

18. Mini Memory Game Tutorial


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A DIY memory game is easy to make for a fun DIY stocking stuffer gift.

19. Marble Mazes


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This is sa great way to repurpose scrap fabric.

20. Kids Hand Warmers


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A great craft project that can done done with any type of fabric.

21. Tennis Ball Coin Holder


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Tennis balls make great coin holder or containers as they are hollow.

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