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21 DIY Gifts To Make From Felted Wool

By on November 21, 2015

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Felted wool is a wonderful material that can be used for a variety of craft projects. You have a lot of options for DIY gifts to make from felted wool. One of the best sources of this material is an old sweater or thrift store finds.

1. Felted Wool Wrist Warmers


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A great gift to keep wrists warm when outside.

2. DIY Boot Socks


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These boot socks are a great fashion accessory.

3. Upcycled Sweater Felted Mittens


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Making mittens is a great way to upcycle an old sweater.

4. Felted-Wool Blanket Tutorial


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This type of blanket is similar to a stitched quilt.

5. Easy Felted Wool Holiday Stockings


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These holiday stocking are easy to make as a DIY gift.

6. Make A Felt Throw


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A throw is a great way to keep warm when heat is not available.

7. DIY Trivets


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A pair of trivets will get a lot of use in the kitchen.

8. Felted Wool Christmas Mittens


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A Christmas sweater can be used to make a pair of Christmas mittens.

9. Sweater Pillow


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Any type of filler can be used with these pillows.

10. DIY Beanie


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This is a perfect way to keep your head warm without having to buy a new hat.

11. Sweater Present Decorations


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This is a great way to repurpose sweaters as decorations.

12. DIY Sweater Sleeve Dog Coat


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This is a type of dog jacket that is made from an old sweater.

13. Felt Coffee Cozy


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A coffee cozy is perfect for days that are below freezing.

14. Felt Sweater Slipper Boots


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These are inserts that can be used to keep feet warm when wearing boots.

15. Felt Sweater Laptop Case


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Perfect for a Windows laptop or a Macbook.

16. Fingerless Felt Gloves


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These gloves make a great fashion statement and will keep your wrists warm too.

17. Felt Sweater Socks


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These socks are cheaper than buying real wool socks.

18. Felt Sweater Coasters


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Coasters make a great gift for anyone who drinks tea, coffee, or other beverage.

19. Cutie Pie Pot Holders


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These pot holders will be perfect to use when cooking outside.

20. Felt Sweater Slippers


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A pair of slippers made from an old sweater will keep your feet toasty warm.

21. Felt Sweater Animals


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Felt sweater animals can be used as decorations and as toys.

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