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20 DIY Decorations You Can Make for Christmas

By on November 12, 2015

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Decorating for Christmas is an activity that many people do to be festive. There are many types of DIY decorations you can make for Christmas if you enjoy DIY projects and want to save money.

1. Cookie Cutter Ornaments


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Old metal cookie cutters can easily be transformed into a Christmas ornament.

2. DIY Name Cards


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These name card are perfect for a dining room table and for seedlings.

3. Ice Cream Cone Ornaments


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Ice cream cones are a fun visual element for a Christmas tree.

4. DIY Peanut Ornaments


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A few raw peanuts are perfect to make DIY ornaments for Christmas.

5. Paint-Chip Christmas Tree


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Paint chips collected from various paint stores can used to make a DIY Christmas tree.

6. Ornament Vase


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A fun way to reuse an old Christmas tree ornament is to make a custom vase.

7. Mini Felt-Ball Wreaths


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Felt balls can be used for a lot of craft projects and even for making a DIY  Christmas wreath.

8. Folded Napkin Elf Hat

A fun way to add visual appeal to a Christmas place setting is to make an elf hat from a napkin.

9. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree


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Spending money on a fake Christmas tree is not necessary when you can make one from tissue paper.

10. Craft Paper Christmas Tree Skirt


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A DIY Christmas tree skirt is easy to make if you have a little bit of craft paper.

11. DIY Custom Glitter Ornaments


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Transforming a dull looking ornament into something spectacular is easy with a little glitter.

12. Clothespin Christmas Card Holder


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Magnets are not the only way to display Christmas cards when you make a card holder from clothespins.

13. Bow Wreath


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Bows that are not needed for Christmas presents are perfect to use to make a DIY wreath.

14. DIY Mistletoe


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Mistletoe is always faun around Christmas and making your own is really easy.

15. Chalkboard Ornament


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Any type of words or designs can be added to an ornament that doubles as a chalkboard.

16. DIY Santa Hats


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These hats are easy to make and are a fun way to add a decorative element to any home.

17. Stemware Snow Globes


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A fun craft project to do for Christmas is make your own homemade snow globes.

18. Paper Snowflakes


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Snowflakes made from paper are a great way to decorate any room in the home.

19. Wooden Snowman


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A few scrap pieces of wood and some paint are all you need to make a DIY snowman at home.

20. Terra Cotta Snowman


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Terra cotta pots are fun to display as a snowman for the holidays.

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