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18 DIY Chalkboard Ideas for Organization

By on March 7, 2015

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Many people are familiar with blackboards that used to be in almost all schools. This is something that can easily be applied for use in your home by simply using a product called chalkboard paint. You will find this is a versatile and easy product to use for various applications in a home or business.

There are many ways you can use chalkboard paint around your home. Paint is a simple item to use on a wall in your kitchen or a sewing room. The benefit of a paint to create a blackboard is the price is not that expensive. You can find chalkboard paint at most hardware stores or any home improvement store in your local area.

A few basic supplies will be needed to apply this paint to a wall or other surface. You will need a basic paint brush that has bristles or is foam. The application of paint to create a chalkboard effect will be the same as applying most other types of household paint.

You do not need to paint a whole wall in your home with chalkboard paint. A stencil can easily be used to create a unique design for a simple blackboard or you can use painter’s tapes to make straight lines. These can easily be made by hand or you can go to a local craft store to see what is available. Stencils with unique designs can also be found online.

Many people do not know that chalkboard paint may be applied to almost any surface. This includes the drywall in your home, any type of wood, and even your refrigerator (with a little surface preparation). The use of this paint in your home will depend on your specific needs and any ideas that might seem interesting.

A list of chalkboard paint ideas is found on here…

18 DIY Chalkboard Ideas for Organization

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