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16 DIY Gifts Under $25 (Prepare Now For The Holidays!)

By on November 7, 2015

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Buying gifts for a holiday or special occasion can really be pricey. A better option is to make thoughtful and practical gifts at home. You easily can make DIY gifts under $25 at home.

1. Tile Coasters


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Leftover coasters from a home improvement project can easily be customized to use as homemade coasters.

2. Paper Plate Clock


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Paper plates come in many shapes and sizes for eating and projects like a homemade clock.

3. Santa Hat Party Mix


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A party mix is a type of snack that is easy to make at home and the ingredients can have all kinds of shapes.

4. Bread in a Bottle


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Making your own homemade bread is a great alternative to buying a loaf at the store.

5. Key And Badge Ring Holder


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A bit of fabric is all you need to make DIY gifts under $25 like a homemade key ring holder or a lanyard.

6. Teacup Candle Lights


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Small teacups found at a thrift store are perfect to use for making custom candles as a gift.

7. Mason Jar Sewing Kit


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Keeping supplies for sewing items of clothing is really easy when you have a sewing kit in a mason jar.

8. Stamped Washer Necklace


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Washers are really easy to collect and make a great item to use to make a homemade necklace.

9. Reversible Beverage Sleeves


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A great alternative to branded beverage holders is to make your own that are reversible.

10. Rustic Pencil Holder


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A cut and modified piece of wood or a small log can be used to make a custom pencil holder.

11. Custom Tote Bag


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Any inexpensive tote bag can easily be customized to have for a gift.

12. Stuffed Felt Animals


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A few pieces of felt and stuffing material are all you need to make homemade stuffed animals.

13. Braided Jersey Bracelet


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A great way to reuse an old t-shirt or one bought at a thrift store is to make a braided bracelet.

14. Homemade Sugar Cubes


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A great way to sweeten a beverage like coffee is to use homemade sugar cubes.

15. Homemade Bath Tea Soak


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Soaking in a hot bath is a great way to relax and a great way to do this is to use a bath tea soak.

16. DIY Scrap Fabric Keychain


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Any small pieces of scrap fabric can be used to make fun gifts like a fabric keychain.

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