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15 DIY Gifts For The Home (Prepare Now For The Holidays!)

By on November 5, 2015

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Recycling and upcycling are great ways to reuse items around the home. All you will need to do is find some fun and easy-to-make gifts for the home. You can easily make gifts that may be used in the kitchen or displayed in other areas around the home. A lot of craft projects can be done to use as terrific gifts for the home.

1. DIY Monogrammed Sharpie Mug

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A monogrammed mug is a simple and fun gift that is really easy to customize.

2. DIY Bath Bombs 


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Relaxing in a hot both is even more fun when you add a homemade bath bomb.

3. DIY Garden Stones 


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Garden stones can be made as gifts for the home and displayed outside or inside as a piece of art.

4. DIY Glitter Cup 


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Add some sparkle to someone’s life by giving them a custom glitter cup.

5. Mommy Survival Jar 


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Mommies who work or are on the go may appreciate having their own survival kit.

6. Pork Rub in a Jar 


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A homemade BBQ is a tasty meal and a great way to add flavor is with some homemade rub.

7. Pancake Mix in a Jar 


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A great alternative to bland tasting store bought pancake mix at the store is making homemade from a jar.

8. Homemade Collegiate Scarf


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A custom scarf is perfect for people who are fans of a particular collage football team.

9. Fabric Scrap Keychains


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Scraps of fabric left over from other projects will be perfect to make custom keychains as a gift.

10. DIY Altoids Toolbox 


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A little paint and a few modifications are all that is needed to make a custom altoids toolbox.

11. DIY Leather Pouch


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Crafting is fun to do at home and having a leather pouch for supplies can be really handy.

12. Mason Jar Candle



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A homemade candle in a jar is easy to customize and less expensive than items at a retail store.

13. Custom Shower Curtain


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A fun way to add a decorative element to a bathroom is to add artwork to a shower curtain.

14. DIY Marbled Glasses


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Making custom shot glasses is really easy if you know the technique for marbling glass.

15. DIY Coffee Holder


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A custom coffee holder can be a lifesaver when a travel mug is not available.

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