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15 DIY Gifts For Kids (Prepare Now For The Holidays!)

By on November 8, 2015

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Special events like a birthday or a holiday are when kids look forward to getting a lot of gifts. A great alternative to buying gifts that are often really pricey is to make gifts for kids at home. There are a lot of options to consider when you want to make your own gifts for kids that are safe and fun.

1. Fabric Flower Headband 


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A little bit of scrap fabric is all that is needed to make a fun DIY headband.

2. Homemade Gak 


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Homemade gak is a close alternative to silly putty, but can be a lot more fun.

3. DIY Cinch Sack Backpack 


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A cheap solution to spending money on an expensive backpack is to make your own cinch sack backpack.

4. Baking Sheet Magnet Board 


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Used baking sheets are all you need to make your own custom magnet boards.

5. DIY Dino Hoodie 


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A DIY dino hoodie is a great item to have as a Halloween costume for kids.

6. DIY Minion Hooded Towel 


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Any old towel can be used to create a custom Minion towel for young kids.

7. DIY Animal Pillows 


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Fun items to have for a kids room could include some custom animal pillows made from various fabrics.

8. Homemade Felt Monsters 


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A few pieces of scrap felt leftover from any craft project can be used to make a variety of felt monsters.

9. DIY Car Carrier for Kids 


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Young boys with a lot of toy trucks need a place to keep them parked and a great option is a fabric car carrier.

10. Kids Fabric Tool Belt 


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Toy tools make any child feel like they can build anything, but they need a tool belt to carry them around.

11. Homemade Chalk 


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Homemade chalk has a lot of uses and is really easy to make at home.

12. Star Wars Pillows 


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A great way to get young kids interested in movies like Star Wars is to make some custom pillows.

13. Homemade Lego Soap


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Building with legos is always a fun activity for young kids and homemade lego soap can look just like the real thing.

14. Homemade Princess Hat 


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Dressing up young girls like a princess is a great idea for Halloween and a princess hat is the best way to complete the look.

15. DIY Washi Tape Ribbon Wands 


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Waving colored wands made of washi is a great way to celebrate a holiday or other special occasion.

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