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10 Minute Mouse Pad DIY

By on March 3, 2015

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One of the most common accessories for anyone who has a desktop computer is a mouse pad. This is a necessary accessory that enables a mouse to work properly. A pad for a computer mouse can also be an item that beneficial when using a laptop on a counter or other surface. If the pad for use your mouse is really old or boring, then a custom item can easily be made.

You do not need to make a custom mouse pad from scratch. All you need is an existing item and a new cover with a unique pattern or design. This project is simple to complete if you have all the material on hand. Most of the materials you will need to make a DIY mouse pad can be found at craft stores and at fabric stores.

The process being used to make a DIY mouse pad is similar to other craft projects. One big difference is a computer printer will be needed. The printer should be high quality and be able to print in color. If you do not have a suitable printer, then see if a family member or friend has one you can use.

Making a custom mouse pad is a great option to enjoy a personalized item. You have the option to add a variety of printed images on any new pad you create. Another thing you may want to consider is to use a knife or a pair of scissors to create a unique shape for the pad.

Craft foam or some other material may be used to make a custom mouse pad if an old one is not available to use. This means you can create a specific design or shape you desire. Making a custom pad for use with a mouse for a desktop or laptop computer is a great gift idea.

Instructions to make a DIY mouse pad are found on here…

10 Minute Mouse Pad DIY

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